Study Abroad But Work in India

study-abroad-work-in-indiaGetting hold of the right courses that promise you career is surely one of the basic things that keep on hovering over the mind continuously. Apart from studying in India, several courses can be taken up in the colleges and universities that further helps in nourishing the skills that you garner within yourselves. Getting enrolled in a course that promises you a job back in India pretty much comes as an alliance. But don’t worry! We have got you covered for all the confusion that you are having. 

  • MBA in Singapore

Singapore offers a great study environment, helping the students to get in touch with the best universities and colleges to take up the course of MBA for their future development. Singapore hosts some of the best business management schools and Indians can surely securely a position there and surely enhance their inner skills. Getting in touch with the best MBA College can help all to find a good job back in India. 

  • MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh too is known for its outgrowing medical colleges that offer vast opportunities for the students to take up medical sciences as a course of study. The 4-year course can help the students in getting a good and lucrative job back in India, with placements in several hospitals, clinics, and other reputed centers. Thereby, opting to study MBBS in Bangladesh can also help the students to nurture their own medical skills so that they can be better doctors and surgeons in the future. Most of the colleges give practical sessions as well and this allows them to develop their capabilities further. 

  • Hotel Management and Hospitality in the UK

The hospitality sector is an outgrowing and disciplined one in the UK. Students from all over the world and especially India can find suitability in studying this course in the UK and then secure a job in India. The hotel management sector offers huge opportunities and helps the students to nourish their creativity by allowing all to be hospitable and learning the culinary skills in a better manner. Also, managing hotels is also on the list and this would earn you a good job in well-reputed hotels as managers and even chefs. 

  • IT and Computer Science in New Zealand

The study atmosphere of New Zealand is pretty well developed in terms of its infrastructure and students can definitely take admission in the various IT and computer science courses that are offered at several universities across the country. Indians can definitely take up this career path and strengthen all of the computer skills as the enriching and growing economy of India is looking for young IT professionals who can build the standards of the country and develop various technological gadgets. Thus, this course has good scope back in India. 

  • Ph.D. in the USA

If you are interested in getting yourself enrolled in Ph.D. courses after post-graduation, then the USA is certainly one of the best countries that offer the opportunity to the students from all over the world to get to study the course. Ph.D. is available in various sectors like in English, Physics and even Economics, and this differs from university to colleges. Getting a Ph.D. degree from a foreign university is considered to be a good sign of being hired as a professor in various reputed universities in India. 

  • Mass Communication and Media in Malaysia

Malaysia hosts a unique opportunity for students all over the world to join mass communication and media, as the colleges and universities there allow the students to study the course with full practice sessions. Keeping that in mind, students from India can learn the ways of media and securely get a job back in the country because of the training sessions that have already been received. Plus, some of the universities back in Malaysia also offer internships and therefore, the experience is also visible on part of the candidates. 

Therefore, if you are thinking to go abroad to study, you can choose any of the above courses or certainly dig in for some more information so that a perfect career path is set. 

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