Leverage Edu Reviews Tianjin Medical University

Here are the Leverage Edu reviews for one of the Chinese medical university – Tianjin Medical University.


It is a well-established fact that being a doctor is one of the most respected and desired professions across the world, particularly in India. It is not for nothing that a doctor is often compared to the Almighty, having the power to save a life! 


Although, a career in Medicine can imply a range of professions, being a doctor features pretty high up within the list. To begin with, to become a doctor one has to complete their MBBS. In India, students with the medical stream are on the hunt for securing a seat in good medical colleges. The competition for these few seats keeps getting tougher each year due to limited seats and high admission fees. Hence, many medical aspirants look for options abroad to pursue their medical degree.


Taking the overseas route in the field of healthcare has been prevalent for quite some time. Amongst any international opportunities to pursue a medical culture is the Tianjin Medical University. 


The first medical university to be approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Tianjin Medical University was founded in 1951. 


Tianjin Medical University has been featured among the national ”211 Project”. Tianjin Medical University is an institute with multi-disciplinary medical courses, consisting of distinguished groups of scholars and professors from China and different countries. 


Tianjin Medical University is among the first 15 Universities for providing 7 year medical course. The university is also approved by Chinese government for 8 years education in the Industry.


Tianjin Medical University has undertaken different projects including ministerial, national  and research projects. The university has also obtained several awards, including 5 technology and national science awards. Tianjin Medical University also has a unique students library which has a collection of five thousand volumes and three thousand kinds of journals. 


Undoubtedly, studying MBBS  in China is one of the most cost-friendly options for Indian medical students. Studying MBBS from China will add a rich value to your career along with unique memories and experiences.


Medical Council of India’s approved list of universities and colleges recommends Tianjin Medical University as one of the most prominent medical institutions.


The cost of  studying MBBS in China is quite affordable as compared to Indian colleges and other universities in the world.


Tianjin Medical University has a total of 16 Schools:

  1. School of Basic medicine
  2. School of Pharmacy
  3. School of Public Health
  4. School of Nursing
  5. School of Biomedical engineering
  6. School of Medical imaging
  7. School of Medical laboratory 
  8. School of Medical Humanities
  9. School of Medical English and health Communication
  10. The First Clinical School
  11. The Second Clinical School
  12. School of Oncology
  13. School of Dentistry
  14. School of Optometry and Ophthalmology
  15. School of Continuation Education
  16. International Medical School


Moreover, the Tianjin Medical University has 7 hospitals within its campus, 9 teaching hospitals and 15 non-direct hospitals. Students are given explanatory medical practicals by working in the teaching hospitals made for them in the guidance of doctors working in there other hospitals.


Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital has collaborated with The University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Institute to expand opportunities in clinical, educational, and translational research, building upon professional relationships between physicians as well as scientists.


Tianjin Medical University has educated over 400,000 medical professionals at various levels. Moreover, the University has obtained “excellent” appraisal for seven years masters degree and bachelor’s degree from the Ministry of Education. 


There is a constant stress and pressure on you while deciding and preparing for universities and particularly after giving your NEET exams. You don’t need to worry about all the things by yourself when you have the credible Leverage Edu reviews on various medical universities like the Tianjin Medical University.


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