How to Pass the TOEFL With a Good Score

TOEFL is required for universities in US and Canada. Tests are taken in two ways. One is internet-based test and the other is paper based test.. In this test, marking is done from 0 to 120 points. 90 or more points are considered the best score. You can also register through phone, mail or post.

What is TOEFL?

Students’ English language information is checked through TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language). It is seen that students have a hold on standard American English. This has to be given to students whose mother tongue is not English and who use English as a second language. Passing this test is necessary to get an education in more than 130 countries. More than 7,500 colleges/universities recognize it. This test is necessary for admission in about 2500 colleges and universities in America. This test conducts America based ‘Educational Testing Service (ETS)’ conduct. It also does the work of sending their score report to the students.

TOEFL Test Format

This test is taken in two formats: Internet based test called Tofl IBT format and second paper based test called Tofl PBT format. You can choose either format according to your test center. Most students follow the IBT format but paper-based tests are offered in test centers which do not have the facility to take internet-based tests.

How to Pass the TOEFL With a Good Score

Internet Based
this test, the ability to understand and use English at university level is checked. Also it is checked how you use the ability to speak, listen, write and read English in your academic career. This test is of 4:30 hours, which is taken on the QWERTY keyboard, so one must practice on the QWERTY keyboard before taking the test.

Methods of Questions
1. 3-5 passages of 700 words and 12-14 questions based on each passage.
2. 4 to 6 lectures of 3 to 5 minutes, 6 questions in each lecture and 2 to 3 Conversations of 3 minutes, consisting of 5 questions.
3. Speaking on any topic. There will be two such tasks and the remaining 4 tasks will be based on the previous reading and listening test on which you will have to speak.
4. In a task you will have to write which will be based on the previous reading and listening test and in one task you will have to write on a particular topic.

TOEFL Total Questions
1. 36-70
2. 34-51
3. 6 Tasks
4. 2 Task

TOEFL Test Time
1. 60-100 minutes
2. 60-90 minutes
3. 20 minutes
4. 50 minutes

TOEFL Test Score
0 to 120 points in this test Marking is done on the basis of 90 or more points are considered the best score. By the way, every university decides on its own that it will give admission to students with how many points in the tofl.

How to Prepare For TOEFL

To prepare for TOFL IBT, ETS provides practice material through books and CD-ROMs. For this, you can see the website You can also give online mock test for test preparation. For more information, see

2. Paper Based
this, paper and pen is used instead of internet for testing. This test is about 3:30 hours in which your listening, reading, writing and structure in English is checked. Can be given six times a year at centers where the IBT format of TOEFL is not present. How to register The easiest way to register for Tofl is online. You can also register through phone, mail or post.


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