Study Abroad Destinations that Feel Like Home

study-abroadAre you planning to study abroad after high school? Well, the decision might seem to be perfect as there are lots of opportunities available for Indian students for taking up several courses in the universities that guarantee a job back in India. While you have to crack the exams to get into some of the most prestigious colleges, but hard work can pay for all of the good stuff. Thus, there are certain destinations out there where you won’t feel homesick at all, as it is warm and welcoming for the Indian students. Thus, some of the destinations abroad that actually feel like home are as follows:

  • The United States of America

America is the host country for providing lots of opportunities to Indian students. There are large numbers of reputed colleges and universities present and enrolment to one of these colleges means that you have literally crossed half of the milestone. In other words, you can definitely feel like home here as the people would accept you and make you feel special throughout. There are even Indian food stalls out there and surely you won’t miss on tour favorite snacks as well. 

  • Canada

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. Since there are lots of opportunities to look out for, one can totally binge into some of the Indian neighborhoods out there, which are truly mesmerizing. You will definitely get the feel of staying in your own country in these neighborhoods. Plus, if you want to study in Canada, do not be afraid of adjusting yourself as the whole environment is quite accepting and comfortable. 

  • Singapore

Offering so many courses that can be taken up by Indian students, Singapore is totally mesmerizing not just in terms of proper hosting but also issuing the fact that no one feels unwelcomed or uncomfortable. In other words, the country makes it quite simple so that you are able to adjust and seek in your own comfort zone. Plus, the activities around can also help you with your experience and surely it does feel like home. The people are hospitable enough to understand your needs and requirements and staying in the country is also not tough as well. 

  • Malaysia

A complete extraordinary take on hospitality, if you are planning to study and take up a course in one of the colleges in Malaysia, then do not be afraid of settling in the country soon, as it is a wonderful host to all. For Indian students, you can get a taste of your own motherland, as there are lots of things to be done here. There are small antique Indian shops as well that keep all of the Indian products and surely all of these drive you back to the days of nostalgia. Keeping a friendly attitude always goes well in this country. 

  • The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers valuable opportunities in terms of education to all of the Indian students who have sought admission in one of the Colleges and universities. The country is a proper host, allowing the students to completely dive into the heritage walk that would make you feel closer to your own homeland. There are lots of Indians staying in the UK and surely you would definitely be friends with them, allowing you to feel safe like in your own home. Plus, people are kind as well and bring forth proper compassion as well. 

  • Russia

Career-wise, Russia has great opportunities not just for Indian students but also for students coming from different parts of the world. Staying in Russia is really comfortable as the neighborhoods are completely filled with lovely people and you would definitely not find it difficult to adjust to it. You won’t be homesick as well as there are plenty of Indian neighborhoods in the country as well. 

Therefore, studying abroad might be difficult for some but you can surely be adjusted to the atmosphere of the country you are planning to study in, as it would more or less feel like your own home. Plus, you can make friends and socialize with others for better participation. 

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