School of Veterinary Medicine, St. George’s University

First private medical school in the Cirabbean, St. George’s University is an international university in Grenada, West Indies. It was founded in 1976. The university comprises of 9 different schools, specializing in different areas of medicine and also a school for business education. It offers degrees in medicine, veterinary medicine, the health sciences, nursing, business, and arts and sciences. It is one of the topmost universities in West Indies and is regarded highly all around the globe. It has over 20,000 graduates who work as scientists, physicians, public health doctors, and veterinarians in all parts of the world, although most of them working in the US. SGU’s MD programs are also taught at London in Northumbria University.

School of Veterinary Medicine, St. George’s University

St. George’s University has evolved into a top international university, recognized around the globe. The university’s courses are approved and by many governing authorities, and SGU is affiliated with universities worldwide, including in Ireland, Australia, the US, the UK, and Canada. It has students from over 100 countries worldwide. Set in Grenada, West Indies, the campus is known for its lavish campus and world-class facilities. It has one of the best hostels in the West Indies.

The university has a True Blue Campus, set in a peninsula at the southwest corner of Grenada. It has a world class infrastructure and has expanded a lot since its creation to meet the needs of the students and to provide them with the latest technology. It is the first university to be affiliated to New York Hospital for clinical training. Over 2% of the students enrolled in SGU are Indians and it has gained a lot of traction among Indian students in the past decade. It is recognised as one of the best medical schoosl in the Caribbean. More than 60% of its students are US citizens. Students from various different countries flow into Grenada every year to get into the university.

St. George's University

The SGU’s school of veterinary is its second most enrolled school after the school of medicine. The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree provided by the School of Veterinary Medicine is accredited by the AVMA, meaning the degree is enough to apply for a medical license in the US and Canada. Students of the Veterinary school gain hands-on experience in veterinary surgery. The final year of the veterinary school program has a clinical training at one of SGU schools of veterinary medicine affiliated schools of veterinary medicine in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Grenada.

Set in a beautiful island, the students of SGU are sure to enjoy the beauty of some of the most diverse species of flora and fauna in and around the campus. With the newest available technology, the school of veterinary medicine provides students with some of the best practical training in the world. The SGU’s SVM is the topmost veterinary school in the Caribbean. The university has a large-animal facility and marine station, which are very important in teaching the students practically and giving them hands-on experience. The Small Animal Clinic of the university helps local pets get the vaccination and other valuable veterinary services. It also provides some crucial training to its students with many of its students practising their skills in real-life situations at the clinic. The doctor of veterinary medicine program offered by the School of Veterinary medicine is provided in 4 years, 5 years, 6 year and 7-year durations, each with varying depths of knowledge.

The St. George’s University, being the first-ever private medical school in the Caribbean has a lot of rich history filled with a lot of great signs of progress. It paved way for a lot of other medical schools to be set up in the West Indies. The university provides world-class education in all nine of its schools although business is a new field. The Veterinary school is very popular due to the university’s great attachment to wildlife and its animal facility and a very large marine station. It caters great doctors who are placed in top hospitals all around the world.

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