Requirements to study abroad

There are so many perks that are attached to studying courses abroad. While the exposure is not minimalistic at all, there are certain criteria’s that needs to be fulfilled as well. The exams that you give for studying in Indian universities are not the same for studying in foreign institutions. Therefore, if you are an enthusiast who is eager to take up a course in one of the foreign universities, then let us look at some of the exams and other requirements that must be cared for in order to be eligible.

Preparation for studying abroad:

Before looking at the basic requirements, let us look at some of the exams that are a must to seek admission in foreign universities:

  • IELTS Exam –

The IELTS eligibility stands for taking the exam in order to carry forth a decent grade in the English language. If a student is opting for this exam, make sure that you take the test with a good amount of practice and hard work. Mostly, the exam tests your verbal English skills.


  • TOEFL –

Just like IELTS, TOEFL is also an English speaking exam that helps with admissions in lots of foreign universities. You can go with the TOEFL mock test first so as to get an average idea about the band score that you are recording. There are great chances of improving the score if you are able to focus on your mistakes.


  • SAT –

The scholastic aptitude test is yet again another exam that helps students with securing admission in top foreign universities. Candidates who get good grades in the exam must pass the interview round as well to get through the admission process.


  • MCAT –

The MCAT exam is again one of the mandatory exams that students can give in order to get in touch with good international universities and other foreign institutions. Courses in the undergraduate level can be opted for with this exam.

Other major requirements for studying abroad:

Apart from having a decent score in an exam, it is equally mandatory to have the following requirements in order to get admission in foreign universities:

  • A cover letter –

A cover letter states, in short, the reason as to why you want to join a course in a particular course. Even the basic interests of work along with your own motivation must be listed in the cover letter. This piece of the document must be precise, short and mostly covering all the points for which you want to take up a course.


  • Resume –

An updated resume that consists of all the latest achievements must be listed. Make sure that the resume is not too long or else it might get rejected by some of the foreign universities.


  • Letter of recommendation –

A letter of recommendation happens to be one of the most important documents that must be produced at the time of admission in one of the foreign universities. This letter must be forwarded by two of the senior teachers or other officials with regards to the fact that you are perfectly eligible as well as hardworking enough to join the course. This letter must also put forward your skills as well as other achievements.


  • Student visa –

With regards to whatever course you are studying along with the university you are taking admission in, a student visa is again compulsory when attempting to study in foreign countries. Make sure that the visa can be extendable for a minimum time period.


  • Application form –

Along with the above documents, make sure that you bring the application form with you for the course in which you have taken admission.


  • Good academic record –

Students attempting to study abroad must have an excellent academic record. All of the school mark sheets and board certificates must be produced along with the attested copies.


  • Extra-curricular activities certificate –

With the mark sheets, students must also have their certificates pertaining to taking part in some event or other extra-curricular activities.

Thus, in whatever course you are taking admission in, make sure that you have all the above documents in order to secure a place in one of the best foreign universities. Standing a chance to complete your career abroad opens forth more options, thus allowing you to enjoy the experience. However, the decision of studying abroad comes with considerable responsibility and calls for fulfilling serval requirements. It can get a bit daunting to check all the boxes on the ‘Study Abroad Checklist’ but you don’t have to worry when Leverage Edu is there to help you with the whole process of making your study abroad dream come true.

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