Basic Ideas on Levels of Sarkari Postings in India

Many people in our country want to do social service. They do have the opportunity to do so. But, Not everyone is dedicated to it. Managing social services on a small scale like NGO’s, orphanages is easy, but when it comes to large scale it makes it more difficult. The social scale on a large scale means serving the country passionately and complete dedication for society.  The competitive exams are conducted all over India for these postings. Sarkari Result plays a major role in identifying the best person for a specific position.

Basic Ideas on Levels of Sarkari Postings

There are different kinds of services like Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Revenue Services and so on. All these services conduct different examinations and have different criteria for the selection of officers. They usually follow rank-based systems.

Lakhs of people appear to attempt for the examination due to many reasons like parents pressure, one’s own interest, passion etc. Not more than a quarter of them manage to clear the examinations.

Sarkari examinations are very tough and need too much concentration, time, effort, hard work and 100% dedication. All these exams have criteria like age limit, a number of attempts, rank, etc. and in IPS they even consider physical fitness. They have to achieve these criteria and then take up the examinations. The exams are very difficult since the people preparing for these exams have to learn many subjects, they should know all the current affairs, they should be up-to-date with everything happening around them and our country (Everything under the sun)   There are levels of examinations and one has to pass through all these to become a government officer.

These government services are quite impartial because they have reservations for backward and other backward classes. OBC’s have lesser cut-offs compared to general merit people.
There is a lot of corruption internally. Therefore every individual does not get equal opportunities to qualify these tests. These positions hold great importance and standings in our country’s functioning since these officers are the main people who give suggestions and have authority over administration and development work as well as law and order in the areas under his control. Each officer has different responsibilities to carry. Out of all these officers, IAS holds the highest position. They are the highest administrative civil service of the government of India. Once they become officers they have the upper hand in the country.

Ideas on Levels of Sarkari Postings in India

There are other services also for each state. For Karnataka, we have Karnataka administrative services where these officers will be posted in a district or state level and they play the role of a district magistrate. On promotion they are capable of becoming IAS officers.

Basic Ideas on Levels of Sarkari Postings in India

The Sarkari results decide the capable officers can be according to the ranks they have secured. These results play a major impact on what they want to be and what position they secure.

Honest officers like D.K Ravikumar who was killed and other honest officers work for the betterment of the nation and the people. Therefore, there should be no corruption and fraud so that our country develops faster and the operations of our country become the best. Sarkari result decides a person’s career and future. It chooses the best candidates for the country’s improvement and development.

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